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PWS University Episode 7: Latham Offers PWS Specific Consultations

March 5, 2020

During our seventh PWS University Podcast, Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund explore elementary, middle, and high school PWS Consultations based on their recent experiences. In 2019 Carroll and Fryklund noticed an increase in consultation requests; in this podcast they explain the differences in consultations between age groups, and the consultants’ communication with school personnel and families. Carroll explains, “[when a child is in elementary school we’re] typically working with schools to develop a tighter routine, a more predictable day, [and] a more secure environment, to then the middle school years, [when] we’re doing a lot of consultation around managing behaviors, and that continues and usually increases in the high school years.” Fryklund and Patrice also touch on the importance of transitions to adulthood during the high school years, and preparation for upcoming life-changes. Lastly, the two discuss the models for consultation and how each varies according to the individual’s needs.

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