LivingHealthy Podcast by Latham Centers

PWS University Episode 4: Preparing for the Winter Holidays

November 15, 2019

In this episode, Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund cover the challenges of the winter holiday season in our world of PWS. The holidays can be a very difficult as it presents as an ultimate trifecta: heightened anxiety due to changes in routine, food focused events, and increased travel.

We cover topics ranging from suggestions for traveling by both air and land, to how to develop a strong support system during events. We also discuss the importance of social stories and sticking to a routine, as well as self-care and exit strategies. Other topics include preparing for restaurant outings, successful family "trainings", and the importance of safety.

For someone with PWS, looking forward to something good can be just an anxiety provoking as dreading something in the future. Keep this in mind as you prepare for the holiday season and understand that anxiety may be higher in general despite all the good feelings that come with festivities.