LivingHealthy Podcast by Latham Centers

Introduction: LivingHealthy Podcast by Latham Centers

September 30, 2019

Patrice Carroll, Director of PWS Services, Latham Centers, and Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, Latham Centers, discuss the ins and outs of the upcoming podcast by Latham Centers, entitled LivingHealthy. In this podcast series Patrice and Katrina will explore Prader-Willi Syndrome and the forever changing special needs landscape, which will include information helpful to all parents with children who have special needs. Patrice discussed the world of PWS and says, "the purpose of the podcast and what we want everyone to take from this is that people living with PWS can live full, quality lives. Much of the information that you see online is either outdated, misinformed, or generally negative, and that is absolutely not the reality of life with PWS in the majority of cases."